What is Emulinker X?
Emulinker X's goal was to continue the work of EmulinkerSF, the first stable version of an Emulinker server, by adding additional features, improving security and optimizing performance. Around Feburary of 2015, the final official version of Emulinker X (2.0.2) was released by Agent 21. Years before, the first version of Emulinker X was developed by Firo.

What is EmulinkerSF?
EmuLinkerSF is a modified version of EmuLinker Kaillera network server created by Moosehead with new features by Suprafast. and was the first stable version of an Emulinker Server.

What's difference beetween EmulinkerSF v0.90.0 and Emulinker X v2.0.2?
Emulinker X v2.0.2 is based on EmulinkerSF v0.72.3, with fixed bugs (including fixed packet bundle parse), enchancements and changes.

EmulinkerSF v0.90.0 is based on the original source of EmulinkerSF (0.72.3) and changes made in Emulinker X v2.0.2 , has more fixes, commands, security, and tweaked packet bundle parse. EmulinkerSF v0.90.0 is maintained by Jgunishka.

What is Emulinker X v3.1.3+?
Emulinker X v3.1.3+ is the unofficial update to Emulinker X v2.0.2, merging both the unofficial updated EmulinkerSF v0.90.0 and Emulinker X v2.0.2 into one project, making it the ultimate Kaillera server. Both EmulinkerSF v0.9.0 and Emulinker X v3.1.3+ include, as stated before, additional features, commands, bug fixes, security improvements, and additional roles.

Is EmulinkerSF or Emulinker X better?
EmulinkerSF v0.90. and Emulinker X v3.1.3+ are about the same and both pieces of software should be respected accordingly. However, Emulinker X v3.1.3+ includes additional optimization, bug fixes, commands, and features that are not present in EmulinkerSF v0.90.

What is a SupraClient?
An unofficial but stable Kaillera client written by SupraFast.

What is a SupraSlinkClient?
An updated version of Slink Client based off the original source of SupraClient that aims to optimize performance, add advanced security implementations and additional features.

What is a EmulinkerSF Admin Client?
A Kaillera client for management of EmulinkerSF servers for Admins and above.

What is a Emulinker X Admin Client?
A Kaillera client for management of Emulinker X servers for Admins and above initially developed by Firo and Agent 21 and recently updated by Slink.

4/11/2021 - New Supra Slink Client released: version 3.2.8 Final. This release fixes the EmuLinker server list and fixes pinging for servers with domain-name addresses. The waiting games list is now fixed. This makes Slink Client the most stable and secured client to use on Kaillera to-date.

- Emulinker X has been updated to v3.2. The server now pushes to Rad's alternative server list. Our server will now be listed on this list as well as the new waiting games list. Credits to Jgunishka for teaching the community about this implementation, and credits to Rad for hosting the alternative server list.

- We have partnered up with the Godweapon community in order to continue maintaining both Emulinker X and SF, and Kaillera. Emulinker X will still live and be maintained by me, while SF will continue to be maintained by Jgunishka and Rad. Emulinker X's goal is to continue the legacy and work of Firo and Agent 21, while SF will serve as the unofficial continuation of SupraFast's legacy, work, and impact on the Kaillera community. Emulinker X will soon be updated to touch the alternative server list.