What is Kaillera?
Kaillera is a client/server system that enables net-play for game system emulators. Kaillera does not provide the emulator itself, or the ROM files to emulate. It simply plugs into any emulator and maps "player 2" input to another user via UDP network communication.
What is EmuLinker?
EmuLinker is a Kaillera network server. EmuLinker is a complete rewrite of the original Kaillera network server for the purpose of preventing exploitable bugs and adding features.
Which Kaillera Client is better?
All of them are incomplete and have some flaws. The most popular is Open Kaillera - n02 v0.5r1 (1 nov 2007) has stable synchronization but has some other errors.

SupraClient and SupraSlinkClient also has stable synchronization, and new version should be very stable.

It is not recommended to use Kailleraclient 2010-2011 aka Ownaclient (modified version of Open Kaillera n02 - based on older version v0.5r0 (6 sep 2007)); it has new options but it's the most unstable and has frequent desync.
What is desync?
Desync is when 2 or more player's Kaillera enabled emulators get out of sync, so what you're pressing is not what the other person is seeing. It's an unfortunate reality using Kaillera, because making an emulator play over the Internet when that's not what it was originally intended to do is technically very difficult. Fast stable Internet connections for all players is the best prevention.

You can spot desynh when your opponent stops moving suddenly, or start moving eratically without purpose. EmuLinker servers can also detect some forms of desync and will print a notification in your game. The only thing you can do is quit the game and restart.
What is lag? What is delay? Why is my Ping so high?
Lag and delay are not the same thing.

Lag occurs when one player experiences Internet congestion or computer problems, and stops transmitting Kaillera network packets. This causes the other player's games to freeze momentairly until the lagged person recovers. If the lagged person does not recover promtly, desync will occur.

Delay occurs when one or more players are using a slow or busy Internet connection, or they are too far from the server physically. Delay does not cause freezing, but the game will seem slow and jittery for all players. Delay is directly related to ping time. Desync is more likely when playing a severly delayed person.

Ping time is usually directly related to network speed and congestion. Therefore, a high ping indicates;
  • Your network connection is too busy. Stop all downloads, file sharing programs, Internet phones, etc. Or purchase a faster connection.
  • The server's network connection is too busy. There is nothing YOU can do in this case. The server administrator should reduce the number of allow users or purchase a faster connection.
  • Your are too far away from the server. Usually, the closer you are physically to the server, the less distance your network packets will have to travel, and the faster the connection. There is nothing you can do but try to find a closer server.
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