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Official Kaillera
Kaillera Reborn
P2P Kaillera

Main developer for EmulinkerSF and SupraClient
Special thanks to SupraFast for all his hard work over the years on Emulinker!

Firo & Agent 21
Developers of Emulinker X and X Admin Client
Special thanks to Firo and Agent 21 iXi for their amazing contributions to the Emulinker and Kaillera project!

Maintaining EmulinkerSF by fixing bugs and improving security in the following:
- EmulinkerSF Server
- Godweapon documentation

Supporting Developer of Emulinker X, X Admin Client and SupraSlinkClient. Contributed the following:
- Merging EmulinkerSF and Emulinker X inspired projects
- Fixing bugs and implementing additional features to Emulinker X
- Developed original Slink Client based off SupraClient during the EGX and Godweapon days that improved performance
- Formed SupraSlinkClient; an improvement to SupraClient with bug fixes, additional features, security implementations and optimized performance via code refactoring
- Fixed EmulinkerSF Admin Client v5.30 source code
- Updated Emulinker X Admin Client with the new EmulinkerSF Admin Client source code (in which the source code was actually Emulinker X Admin Client v1.2 source code, just renamed to SF 5.30 and was credit-stolen by the dishonest maintainer.)
- Added additional features and implementations to Emulinker X Admin Client to reflect changes made in the new Emulinker X server software

Testers & Special Thanks
- OGenDroX (Cody)
- Nova (gav)
- LeafChicken
- SupraFast
- Rad
- toqer
- Paramount
- Firo
- Agent 21
- Rose
- Moosehead
- The man who started it all:
Christophe Thibault

DISCLAIMER: Credits have been updated accordingly due to dishonesty among one of the developers/maintainers.
Godweapon does not have updated information regarding the Kaillera project.